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isupportjilary's Journal

I Support Joel and Hilary
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(ISJAH) we are a community that supports joel madden and hilary duff's relationship in a positive way. we started this because we were tired of surfing the web and finding anti-jilary boards and/or websites. they are people just like us, and they don't deserve the flack they are getting from so-called "fans." joining is easy, and we hope you do so today. just click on the "join community" link above, and you're all set! =)
-- MODS briee (diedearest@lj.com) & alena (heartinreverse@lj.com)

(RULES) we have quite a few, but they are pretty simple. we ask that you follow them, and help us keep this a positive place for fans.
1. NO FIGHTING with mods and/or members, and ABSOLUTLEY NO BASHING OF JOEL AND HILARY. we want to try to keep this a "drama free" zone. this community is open for everyone to join, but if things get ugly we will start moderating who comes and goes.
2. don't come in here and tell us that joel and hilary aren't dating. talk about that in your own journal, or go join an anti-jilary community. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you don't agree with the relationship, simply DO NOT JOIN.
3. upon joining, we ask you to advertise the community in atleast one other place, and tell us cause we will check. =)
4. use one of the following promote banners when advertising (you are more than welcome to make your own, and send it to us if you'd like.):
promote1 || promote2 || promote3 || promote4
5. all post's MUST be friends only. any post's that do not follow this rule will be deleted.
6. post's do not have to be strictly about joel and hilary. feel free to talk about anything, within reason.
7. all picture post's are required to be behind an LJ-CUT.
8. no advertising unless you ask us first.
9. DO NOT HOTLINK OUR PICTURES!! we've had problems with that in the past, and if it continues, we will stop posting pictures. save the pictures to your computer, and upload them to your OWN server. it's not that hard people.
10. and most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself here. we want to make this community the best it can be.

(AFFILIATES) hilary_pics, starstruck_rp, kellyc_pics. if you'd like to affiliate with us, contact one of the MODs with you community name, and link button if you have one. =)

(LINK US) upload to your own server. please do not direct link!

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